the peanut butter story

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the story behind the page…

The young woman behind this page is a 25-year-old single mum with a four-year-old son. Having grown up in a household full of abuse and neglect and devoid of love, she began using drugs at a young age as a way of numbing the pain and escaping the horrors she had been exposed to. This trend of self-destruction and anger continued, leading to further criminal activity and multiple run-ins with the law, all the while being under the age of 20 and physically and emotionally abused in each relationship she was in.  

At the age of 21, she discovered that she was pregnant, resulting in another severe beating which left her out cold after she told her partner. However, it was this realisation that changed her life forever. Having felt destitute and alone for so long, the void that the lack of love left in her stomach was now filled, both literally and figuratively. She didn’t use drugs from this point on and hasn’t since, raising her son completely on her own and changing her life completely.  

It was her that came up with this page, highlighting how her acts were all a cry for attention, for love, and that often people who have never been exposed to love, don’t know how to ask for it.  

She is now studying Western Herbal Medicine at university, enjoys spending weekends in the bush with her son and purports a holistically organic lifestyle. Though her son was the catalyst for the change, her own personal drive and spiritual practice is what has kept her so strong, determined and powerful. 


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